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June 20th, 2011 by Lorrie Walker in Blog, Manicures/Pedicures

Michael Rose Hair shellac-nails_1-1Designs offers a trendy, new service to clients that has been in high demand among many American hair salons.

The Lakeland hair salon recently introduced Creative Nail Design’s Shellac manicures to its repertoire of services, says hair stylist Alison Wishart.

Shellac Nail Polish promises its consumers the perfect manicure or pedicure for two weeks- no chipping or smudges.
When Creative Nail Design, more commonly known as CND, collaborated with chemists, they found a unique, ultraviolet ray-activated formula guaranteeing buyers a smudge-proof manicure or pedicure.

If you’re pondering buying the Shellac polish and treating yourself to a DIY manicure, think again. CND only sells Shellac nail polishes to licensed professionals, due to the intricacies of the application process and special materials used.

The cost of a Shellac manicure can run between $30 and $40, roughly twice the cost of a basic manicure. Alison, the Shellac nails manicurist at Michael Rose Hair Designs, offers Shellac manicures for $20-$25.

“Our clients were so excited to hear we were now offering Shellac manicures and at such a good price,” Alison says.
The manicure takes approximately 30 minutes. Experts recommend refraining from a Shellac manicure if nails are splitting, cracking or peeling.

According to CND, the process consists of two parts: preparation and application.

To prepare nails for the Shellac polish, manicurists begin by conducting a dry manicure. CND recommends pushing back cuticles and scrubbing away all impurities.

During the application process, the manicurist applies a special Shellac base coat and then applies the Shellac color polish. The Shellac color polish usually requires a couple of coats and, in between coats, the polish is cured by a unique CND ultraviolet lamp. Finally, manicurists remove the top film with 99 percent Isopropyl alcohol and then rub solar oil to give nails an unbeatable shine.

Shellac manicures allow customers to have a manicure that is gorgeous and practical. Shellac manicures can be found at this local hair salon, Lakeland’s very own Michael Rose Hair Designs.

“Everyone is excited to have this product in the hair salon,” Lakeland hair stylist Michael Rose says. “We’re getting a lot of requests for Shellac.”

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