Dying for a New Look? Lakeland Hair Stylist Says Change with the Seasons

February 15th, 2010 by Lorrie Walker in Blog, Hair

Let’s face it. Many of us get tired of looking the same all the time. We can diet and exercise to make our bodies look different, but that takes time.

Changing your hair color, on the other hand, can give you an instantly updated look. If you follow the advice of Lakeland hair stylist Michael Rose, you can usher in a new look each time we welcome a new season.

Rose, owner of Michael Rose Hair Designs, a Lakeland hair salon, recommends that women change their hair color as frequently as four times per year.

“I don’t mean that you should dye your hair blonde in the summer and black in the winter,” Rose said. “I’m talking about subtle changes that mimic what the sun does to create natural highlights throughout the year.”

For example, in the spring, a woman can add light caramels, blondes and copper tones for a spunky kick before summer, he said.

Summer ushers in lighter hair colors, especially in Florida, where people tend to be outdoors more often. Simply being outdoors routinely will naturally lighten the hair.

For those who want those natural-looking highlights without the potential sun damage to skin and hair, summer is the time to make changes in your hair color to include highlight effects. Sometimes referred to as marbelizing, angelizing, framing and kissing, these techniques that involve highlighting fine strands and pieces of hair to mimic the sun’s effects on hair.

“These are great subtle highlights for those who want to try color but are afraid, for those who want a natural look, or for those who don’t want high maintenance color,” Rose said.

The fall brings the addition of rich chocolates, coppers and reds to the hair color palette, while winter provides the opportunity to try mochas, espressos and bold gold tones.

Changing hair colors or adding highlights can feel like a scary step for some people. That’s why Rose and the other stylists at his salon offer free consultations prior to making any changes.

“If you’re considering a new look in regards to color, it’s best to make an appointment to meet with us first so we can offer some recommendations,” Rose said.

Rose and his staff consider facial shape, skin tones and the client’s desired maintenance level when suggesting color options.

Call today if you would like to schedule an appointment with Linda Byers, Christina Rogers, Michael Rose or Allison Wishart: (863) 648-1326.

Michael Rose Hair Designs is located in Scottsdale Plaza at 3139 S. Florida Ave., directly across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts.

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