It’s Time To Think About The Back To School ‘Do

July 5th, 2010 by Lorrie Walker in Blog, Hair

BeforeAfter 1This blog is for all you back-to-schoolers. We know you’re in the midst of your summer break, but if you start thinking about your “back to school” look now, the stylists at Michael Rose Hair Designs can work with you to make sure you put your best face forward when it’s time to hit the books again in August.

Because I write the bulk of the blogs for Michael Rose’s site, I actually had the foresight to take before/after photos of my niece’s first haircut with Michael, which inspired this post.

Lilah is 12 and spent the past nine months growing out her hair from an unflattering cut she received at another salon. As part of her birthday present, I took her to Michael for a new hairstyle. We all know that at 12, the girls are starting to be more conscious about how they look, and Lilah definitely fit into this category.

Lilah has a head full of thick hair that, as it turned out, was quite curly once Michael removed some of the weight, which had been pulling her hair straight.

It was important for Michael, a Lakeland hair stylist who opened his salon in 2007, to give Lilah the skills to make her hair look like it did in the salon when she was home on her own. That involved teaching her how to apply her hair products and how to use the proper tool to bring out the natural curl in her hair- a diffuser.

“These are things every young girl should know about getting their hair to look its best,” Michael says. “This is the age where girls really start to care about their looks and we want to give them all the tools necessary to help them look their best.”

After Style 4After Style 2Michael and the other stylists in the salon also are aware that there may not always be a lot of time to get ready before school, and knowing that going into the haircut can help them recommend an appropriate style, he says.

If your son or daughter is interested in a consultation for back to school, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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