Lakeland Hair Salon Offers Hair Color Tips For Men

March 1st, 2010 by Lorrie Walker in Blog, Hair

We’ll admit it- men who color their hair often get a bad rap. Why? Because we’ve all seen those 70-year-old men walking around with a jet-black dye job that is both obvious and unflattering.

Thankfully, the times, they are a-changin’ with the introduction in recent years of hair color lines specifically for men that are designed to appear natural.

The Lakeland, FL hair salon of Michael Rose Hair Designs recently introduced Keune’s Color Man to its lineup of products for men. Color Man is an ammonia-free cream/gel hair color that covers much of the gray hair in a partially transparent finish, said salon owner Michael Rose. What makes this product particularly appealing is that it doesn’t result in lines or roots as the hair grows out. Instead, it shows a touch of gray and lasts about five weeks.

The color provides a layering effect because it builds up gradually with each in-salon application, Rose said. It comes in six shades ranging from medium blonde to black.

The key to good hair color in men is doing it gradually so that it appears less obvious. Call it a double standard if you like, but unlike women, men in their 30s and older often do well to leave a bit of gray in their hair when coloring it. The truth is that a bit of gray can add an air of distinction, whereas women often prefer to cover all of their gray, for fear of looking older.

For guys to remain in the camp that hair color isn’t for them, it’s time to get over that old line of thought. A burgeoning segment of the hair color industry is men’s hair color. And there are as many in the industry who believe in slow, subtle changes as there are those who throw caution to the wind and dive right in to an immediate transformation.

Rose said men shouldn’t overlook the possibility of highlights, which can soften the face as a man ages. And don’t forget: lighter is better as we get older.

Hair color isn’t just for older men, however. Young men can experiment with slight changes by adding highlights to brighten and enhance sheen in the hair, Rose said.

If you’re a man who’s always wondered what a bit of hair color might do for your look, call Michael Rose Hair Designs today for a free consultation with Allison Wishart, Christina Rogers, Linda Byers or Michael Rose: (863) 648-1326.

Michael Rose Hair Designs is located in Scottsdale Plaza at 3139 S. Florida Ave., across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts.

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