Hair for Hope Collects Ponytails, Pageant Queens Show Support- Photos from Hair for Hope 2011

November 8th, 2011 by Lorrie Walker in Hair, Special Event

Photos from Hair for Hope 2011
By Melissa Rodriguez

Lakeland hair salon Michael Rose Hair Designs hosted their third annual charity cut-a-thon Oct. 13 to collect ponytail donations for breast cancer awareness.

Photo 1

Women and men alike donated more than 30 ponytails. The ponytails were sent to Pantene Beautiful Lengths who gives wigs to the American Cancer Society, which distributes them to cancer patients free of charge.

Photo 2

Stylist Christina Rodgers evens out Larocca’s hair post-donation. At 10 years old, this is not Larocca’s first hair donation. Many participants had personal reasons why they wanted to donate; others just wanted to support a good cause.

Photo 3

Mother-daughter duo Angela and Amie Aguilera wanted to donate their hair to support children with cancer. “My daughter didn’t want to cut her hair alone, so I did it with her,” Aguilera said.

Photo 4

Participants young and old came to donate their hair. “I think everyone knows someone or is related to someone who has been affected by cancer. I just hope this helps,” hair donor Jan Woods said.

Photo 5

Sole male participant Jonathan Workman decided it was time to cut off his long hair.

Photo 6

Workman heard about the event on Bay News 9 and opted to support the cancer awareness efforts.

Photo 7

Southeastern University student Sara Holcomb is no stranger to hair donation. Holcomb has donated her hair 11 times, moved to do so in honor of her grandmother.

Photo 8

“I want to make a difference in someone’s life,” Holcomb said.

Photo 9

“I didn’t want to cut my hair just to cut it,” SEU student Tabitha Ingram said. “I’ve donated before and I thought it was a good cause to donate to again.”

Photo 10

Jennifer Dunifon had also been contemplating a hair cut for some time. “I work in a hospital and it’s a huge pain to pin it up for surgery all the time,” Dunifon said.

Photo 11

“I think it would be great if someone could get some use out of my hair,” Dunifon said.

Photo 12

Emily Bos always wanted to cut her long hair, but was too afraid.

Photo 13

The SEU student finally decided to make the cut in remembrance of her friend’s mother’s death.

Photo 14

Yaime Ruiz chopped her locks in lieu of her daughter Leana. “She’d been waiting for a long time to cut her hair,” Ruiz said. “She was scared when she found out how short her hair was going to be so I cut mine instead.”

Photo 15

Pageant queens Mrs. America and Mrs. Galaxy International came to show their support for the event with their daughters.

Photo 16

Mrs. Galaxy International, Kellie Lightbourn stopped to take pictures with the girls in the salon, and offered advice on how pageants help instill confidence.

Photo 17

The Michael Rose Hair Designs staff pause from a busy day of collecting ponytails to take a photo with Mrs. America April Lufriu.

Photo 18

Nail specialist Shaun Garnett was painting nails pink in honor of the event.  Lightbourn stops to admire her daughter’s nails.

Photo 19

Lufriu takes a picture of her daughter and Lightbourn.

Photo 20

Mrs. Galaxy International’s daughter finally cracks a smile after much coercing.

Photo 21

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