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July 1st, 2012 by Lorrie Walker in Blog

When you’re in the stylist’s chair, that’s a great time to discuss a new hair picture

But what do you do between appointments when you’re looking to break the hairstyle monotony? YouTube has become a guide for all things do it yourself, hairstyles included.

YouTube allows users to show people hairstyles they previously thought were complicated are actually simple. Often they give step by step instructions on how to create the desired hairstyle.

The following are videos you can bookmark if you’re looking for great new everyday or special occasion hairstyles:


-          Bohemian twist

-          80’s curly up-do


-          French Braid edgy ponytail

-          Spiral lace braid ponytail

Luscious curls

-          Sock curls

-          Vintage style curls

Some video bloggers show multiple hairstyles that you can do in only a few minutes. One user shows five hairstyles that are easy and can be done in under a minute. These hairstyles are great when you’re running low on time but still want to do something interesting with your hair.

We surveyed about 30 people to find out why they use YouTube to find a new style. Twenty-eight percent said they use YouTube to find an everyday look, while 32 percent use it to find a cute new hairstyle for a date night. About 48 percent use YouTube to find a quick and easy look, and a whopping 76 percent said they turn to it to find a look that will change up their hairstyle repertoire.

Even hair product companies are jumping on the bandwagon.  Garnier Fructis has its own video on how to construct the perfect side ponytail. The video goes through a step by step procedure that makes it easy to follow. Herbal Essences has a video on how to create luscious curls for long hair. The video even incorporates which Herbal Essences products to use to get the look.

YouTube is not only for those with long or straight hair. Several users give style tips to those with short hair and even curly hair. Whether you’re looking for three quick short hairstyles or want to know the secrets behind achieving shiny, bouncy curls, there’s a video out there for you.

While we all love to burn time watching silly videos occasionally, don’t forget that YouTube also is a great tool for providing inspiration when you want to change up your hairstyle in a quick and easy way that does not require a daily trip to the salon.

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