Guy-Approved Hair…Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!

February 1st, 2013 by Lorrie Walker in Hair

By Jordan Tickell

First things first, ladies. Your hairstyle should compliment your individual style and, to quote the great Shania Twain, make you feel like a woman. Decide on your ‘do by what suits your personality best.  Hair is fun…have fun with it and let your locks jumpstart your self-esteem. Remember, Lakeland hair stylist Michael Rose is eager to assist in any big hair style decisions.

With that said, Cupid is already sharpening his arrows. Valentines Day is fast approaching, and what lady doesn’t want to blind her man with beauty on their special night out? Heart shaped cakes and cards dripping with sentiments of love are charming, but give your guy what he really wants- you!  You packaged all pretty and waiting to be shown off to the world.

As we all know, however, your hair (along with the shoes) can make or break your Valentine’s night ensemble. Here’s a few guy-approved styles that are proven to get him googly-eyed.

Healthy, loose locks like Anne Hathaway's are sure to mesmerize any man. Photo: © Steve Granitz/WireImage

Healthy, loose locks like Anne Hathaway's are sure to mesmerize any man. Photo: © Steve Granitz/WireImage

Healthy- Simple enough, right? Innately, men are attracted to signs of health. Glowing tan skin, sparkling white teeth and hair dazzling with shine. Whether it be a basic blowout or a simple straight style, a squirt of leave-in conditioner and a spritz of shine spray will leave him wanting to run his hands through your healthy locks.

Messy- Flip through the latest Victoria’s Secret catalogue and you’ll begin to notice a trend. Size zero figures, D-cups and tousled, messy hair. There’s a method to the madness; men dig the look. While the first two model characteristics may be out of reach for most human females, every woman can achieve photo shoot ready hair. Please, don’t abandon your brush. Just use a large barrel curler, preferably one inch in diameter, to create big, sexy waves. Avoid becoming hairspray happy- men love loose, flowing locks. If pressed for time, scrunching gel or texturizing cream will also do the trick.

Up, but loose-  In refreshing news, guys aren’t just gazing at your chest. The neck and collarbone area, known in fancy circles as the decollete, is another hotspot for the male eye. So put that hair up, up and away and let your neckline take center stage. Try curling your hair before placing it in a party bun. Just be sure your updo is loose and casual…slicked back buns and ponies can often appear severe or intimidating.

Side swept- Heart, oval or square, an asymmetrical ponytail, braid or bun flatters all face shapes, and allows your beautiful facial features to snatch his attention. Go ahead, incorporate everything you’ve learned about guy-approved ‘dos in this style. Mist your hair with shine spray, add some texture and keep it loose when creating your side pony.

The expert stylists at Michael Rose Hair Designs would love to help you perfect your Valentine’s date night look, make-up and nails included! Schedule a consultation today, and we’ll help you take his breath away.

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