Just in Time for Summer: Long-lasting Frizz Busters

May 30th, 2013 by Lorrie Walker in Hair

By Barbara Cagle

It’s summertime in Florida, ladies. That time of year when your skin fades from alabaster to a healthy, sun kissed glow, and your hair from smooth and flowing, to a hot mess. Summertime equals frizz time in Florida.

And let’s face it; we have all fought the losing battle against frizz.  Many summers are wasted with constant smoothing serum application, endless flat ironing and refusal to enter the water, all in the name of vanity. Why? It’s either that or hiding under a hat (indoors and out) and living in a – not so cute – messy bun because your unruly hair requires confinement. But what if there was another way?

Smooth locks like Jennifer Aniston's are only a salon visit away. Photo: courtesy of hellodollface.com

Smooth locks like Jennifer Aniston's are only a salon visit away. Photo: hellodollface.com

This summer can be your season of freedom. Freedom to wet your hair and, dare I say, let it air-dry to frizz-free perfection, over and over again. No hair products necessary.

Introducing Brazilian keratin treatments.

They aren’t the newest treatments on the block but they are definitely the hottest trend for fuss-free frolicking in the summer sun.

The secret behind the treatments is keratin, which really isn’t a secret at all. Keratin is the protein compound responsible for the strength and resilience of hair, nails, hooves and horns. By infusing keratin into your locks, whether your hair is straight, curly, over processed or brittle, it becomes:

  • Shinier
  • Smoother
  • Softer
  • Stronger

It also helps seal in hair color and reduces drying time.

“Keratin treatments are miracle workers for my Florida clients,” says Michael Rose, a Lakeland salon owner and stylist for more than 40 years. “I can’t stop singing their praises.”

Michael Rose Hair Design offers two quality keratin treatments that are not only safe, but also effective.


  • Contains collagen for added strength and flexibility
  • $75 and up (depending on hair length)
  • No shampooing or ponies for 72 hours
  • 4% formaldehyde (very safe)
  • Includes wash, blow-dry and flat iron

Keratin Express

  • 20-minute application
  • $55
  • No shampooing or ponies for 24 hours
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Includes wash, blow-dry and flat iron

How long will the results last?

These treatments can last as long as two months on virgin hair and four to five on chemically treated hair. The reason damaged hair stays smoother longer is because it’s increased porosity (a result of chemical processing) allows it to absorb significantly more product. Michael also recommends that you use a quality, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to increase the longevity of your results. His favorites are those from Pureology and Helium.

The hairstylists at Michael Rose Hair Designs have performed many keratin treatment transformations and can help you choose the option that suits your hair type, budget and lifestyle best.

Here’s to a fabulous, frizz-free summer. You deserve it.

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